WinSysClean X2

WinSysClean automatically optimizes your Windows System by optionally removing temporary/unused space wasting files, unused and invalid registry locations, invalid shortcut links, and many more.
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This is a decent program for advanced users. Nice interface; good thorough features. Only complaint I have is with the registration. The requirements to register the product is HORRIBLE.

jberniej, 21.10.2011, 07:49
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I like to know what registry post are deleted BEFORE the delete, and a option to deselect.

Response from the site administrator
Untimate, 21.10.2011
such an option would confuse most of users and some registy entries are complex even for advanced users. eg. I don't think you will manually search in registry OLE/DCOM class id links which points to missing entries in order to confirm the removal of that entries...
Suranappar_AJ4E, 21.10.2011, 10:29
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There is an option to fix and repair Internet Explorer's favorites. Other browsers should be supported here as well.

There is an option to fix and repair Internet Explorer's favorites. Other browsers should be supported here as well. I commend your support for Firefox in other parts of the program.
Josh, 21.10.2011, 08:32
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Add a Advanced mode

Add a Advanced mode as well for more insight for more experienced users.
Suranappar_AJ4E, 21.10.2011, 10:52
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This software is very handy to increase the pc speed, but i have 1 complaint for it that u should increase ur giveaway period to 2 days for this product,, so as most of peoples should download it & increase their pc speed thnxx,,,, dalvianas@yaho

anas dalvi, 21.10.2011, 12:24
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remove temporary files

Kurt Blenk, 21.10.2011, 14:12
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Have the uninstall updated to be thorough!

The developer should uninstall the program, run regedit, and search for WinSysClean and keep on repeating 'find next' until it says finished searching registry, note all remaining entries and then set the uninstaller to remove these as well!
Sparkles, 21.10.2011, 15:41
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Make a resizable window or reduce the height of it. It is to big for a netbook with 1024x600 screen resolution

relu, 21.10.2011, 21:56
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winsysclean x2 has best features, i did not face any problems while rigistring the software, only thing is uninstalled once, cz key came late that too it was in spam, it is better to programme in such a way that it should clean lower grade problems f

Prasad kapuganti, 22.10.2011, 14:14
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After WinSysClean identifies favorites to repair or delete, if I check several files to process it only processes the first few and I have to hit the repair or the delete button several times to delete the whole group. It should process the changes i

Howard Rothenburg, 23.10.2011, 00:46